I've been working at the FT on the Data Journalism Development team since summer 2016, just after the Brexit referendum happened but before the Trump election. Since then I've created content explaining conflicts, technology, politics, the environment, LGBTQ+ issues and much more. To see all my work, visit ft.com/æ.
Selected works (these are mostly paywalled; I've generated gift links for these so please contact me if they stop working):
China makes Olympian effort to cut pollution but remains short of WHO standards (16 February 2022; reporting and data visualisation)
• Researchers train AI on ‘synthetic data’ to uncover Syrian war crimes (9 December 2021; data visualisation involving synthetic machine learning training data)
Big Read: Bitcoin’s growing energy problem: ‘It’s a dirty currency’ (20 May 2021; data visualisation, background)
The emotion business: How companies are learning to read your mind (12 May 2021; concept, reporting, development, project management) 
↖ This project took well over a year and was very much my baby, I worked independently on it for roughly half of its duration.
• How smartphone apps track users and share data (23 October 2018; development)
The Uber Game (October 2017; development)
How well do you really know your country? (December 15, 2016; development)
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